Mrs. Aloma Jayasundera

I have known Dr. Abduljalil  Selalil, the high profile Dental Surgeon, since 2002 From the moment I met Dr. Abduljalil, I had great admiration for his knowledge and maturity in his selected field. Dr. Abduljalil is a pragmatic leader and a realist who grasps ideas and pays great attention to detail.
Dr. Abduljalil is well-focused, a strategic thinker, and, a dedicated Dental Profession who brings a lot of value to his Dental Clinic, Kingdom Dental Center. Dr. Abduljalil has extraordinary analytical skills and has mastered the art of patient handling.

I would say that Dr. Abduljalil is a unique person who carries many extraordinary talents. Dr. Abduljalil is highly-organised and committed towards his duties and responsibilities. Dr. Abduljalil refuses to settle down until the task undertaken by him is fully accomplished and at a high quality. Dr. Abduljalil  is an extremely warm person to work with and a good listener as well, and, he answers endless questions from anybody accurately with utmost patience and dedication.

Dr. Abduljalil  always makes sure that the people whom he associates with are well-taken care of and put at ease. Dr.Abduljalil leads by example and never shies away from sharing his knowledge with whoever deserves it. This is a great quality that I admire in Dr. Abduljalil who takes a great interest in his patients, and makes them feel really comfortable.  I do not think twice to say that any patient who is in his care is in SAFE HANDS.